Friday, April 17, 2020

We Survived Another Week!

Keep moving, nothing to see here - everything is just fine!  We survived another week and for those of us who still are keeping track, it is finally Friday!  Yippee!!

This week was a busy, yet productive one.  Earlier in the week we moved and unloaded the sales office to the new facility.  We had the trailer brought back to pack up the warehouse and get those materials over to Hobbes Street.  It was a big undertaking, everyone pitched in and I am happy to say, we got it done!  Today, the last of the warehouse materials were unloaded and now the guys just have to put the finishing touches on where they want everything.  If this country ever opens back up again, we will be ready!  Look out world!

The Boss did make some appearances this week, but they were few and far between.  He said he is working from home on getting the phones and internet moved over to the new place.  Honestly, we really get more accomplished when he isn't around to lock himself out of office, etc.  Oh, Drew must not want to to have to play Spiderman and scale the wall again anytime soon; I noticed that he took packing tape and taped up the door lock on The Boss' office so he couldn't mistakenly lock himself out again.  I cannot wait to hear what The Boss has to say once he notices it.

It seems that Mike's head has gotten a few sizes bigger because he has his own office.  He has mentioned "my office" on several occasions (damn, he is weird).  Speaking of Jesus - he has finished placing and decorating his office.  Above his desk, on the wall, is a large, ornate cross.  I guess this way "the big guy" will be looking out for him.  Wayne admires and comments on it every time he walks by and sees it.  These two and their cult drive me to drink.

Next week, we are back working from home.  I wonder if  Cooper and Milo will be happy to see me? I know Cooper has missed his numerous walks.   I also have another Face Time scheduled with my parents (we only spoke on the phone this week because of moving the offices).  So, I'm sure that event will be full of interesting stories.  I also have a virtual happy hour scheduled for tonight.  No, I will not be drinking as much as I did last time - I took me almost two days to recover!

Have a great weekend (yes, it is the weekend for those keeping track) and stay safe!

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