Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Unpacking the Trailer Went Well Until.....

This morning the warehouse staff went to our building to wait for the trucker to pick up the trailer full of our office stuff and everyone else reported to the Hobbes Street building.  It is springtime here on the east coast and the freeze/thaw of the winter clearly has not been kind to the shitty road leading to this new facility.  I actually think the potholes gave birth to additional potholes over the winter.  It is just a matter of time until someone loses a small car, or at least a tire in these gigantic craters!

When I arrived at the new building, I immediately turned off the thermostat and opened up the windows and door to get some air circulating.  It smelled like a cross between new paint, body odor and a closed up house.  The Boss arrived shortly after I did and immediately thought the thermostat wasn't working.  I told him it was working just fine, I was just airing the place out before the truck arrived.  What is wrong with him, can he not smell the funk in the air??? 

A big shout out to Drew, he was really thinking yesterday!  He had gathered us all together and said lets plan on loading up the materials from The Boss' office last.  This way, it would be first off the trailer and he would be busy "arranging" his office and wouldn't be available to "help" with the rest of the unpacking.  Brilliant!  The trailer arrived around 10 AM.  The warehouse staff arrived around 10:15 AM and we began off loading at around 10:30 AM.  First off was The Boss' office stuff.  We told him not to worry about helping with the rest of the stuff - it was important that he was set up and operational.  He agreed, and we really didn't see (or hear from him again) for a couple of hours. Bonus!

Everyone helped to unload and place the desks, chairs, computers, etc.  The Boss has his own office and Mike will be taking the other office.  Rachel, Drew and I will be stationed in the large front room along with the copier.  There is ample room for the three of us (and I think Rachel is loving the setup), but I'm sure we will all be happy once our offices are built.

It was a busy day and by 4:00 PM everyone was getting a bit tired.  We were finishing up for the day and everyone, except The Boss, had gone out into the warehouse to get a better look of what kind of setup they were going to have.  The next thing we know, we hear yelling and stuff crashing in the sales office.  No one was aware of what was happening, but I had a guess....Llama Drama had found us in our new building.

We all run into the sales office, and there is The Boss having a hissy fit.  I'm sure I rolled my eyes and I know for a fact, I huffed a bit (I actually heard myself do it).  When he finally took a breath, we discovered what the issue was....he had locked himself out of his newly appointed office and he didn't have a key to get back in.   Now, I don't know how the hell this happened.  You may ask, why did he close the door?  Why was he playing with the lock to begin with?  These are all good questions to which I do not have an answer.

I returned to the warehouse for a second or two because I was afraid they were going to see me laughing (I told you we were tired).  When I came back in the main room, The Boss was trying all of the keys he had on his ring without success.  I looked over at Drew and I thought I saw some gears turning in his head.  He pulled a table over to the wall that divided our area from The Boss' office and moved some of the drop ceiling tiles aside.  He commented that the wall did not go all the way up and he proceeded to hoist himself up, over and drop down into the middle of The Boss' desk.  He jumped down from the desk and unlocked the office door.  Problem solved!  The Boss (and Rachel) looked like they wanted to have his baby right there.  I also was surprised that nothing was said about the footprints he left on the newly painted wall when he climbed it.  Yup, this new place is going to be interesting!

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