Thursday, April 2, 2020

I Escaped Quarantine To Go To The Nuthouse!

I should start off by saying although our state is under a "stay at home" order, our business is considered essential, so we are able to stay operational.  The Boss has decided that for our safety and the safety of our families we are going to stay closed and adhere to the stay at home order and only go in (in a reduced staff capacity), if needed.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up and was looking forward to seeing real humans rather than just Cooper and Milo (sorry boys, nothing personal).  I showered, dressed and was out the door by 10 AM (yup, I slept in a bit because I was going to miss my daily nap😁 ).  When I arrived, the warehouse staff was already there diligently working on the orders that needed to be processed, music was playing and they were laughing.  It was so nice to see Adam, Alex and Wayne and I think they were happy to be there too.  I went into my office area and it looked just as I had left it last week.  I turned on the computer and started my day!  It almost seemed "normal."

By noon, I had spoken with The Boss three times and assured him that everything was running smoothly and no one was too concerned about being in the office together (and yes, we were keeping the 6' social distance).   He also asked me if I was wearing a mask and gloves (which I wasn't).  He said to make sure everyone left as soon as they were finished and to get back home. 

The guys finished the orders by 5 PM, but it was too late to ship, so I said that I would come in on Thursday (today) and wait for the truckers to come for the pick up.  Adam scheduled them before he left and they assured us they would arrive before noon on Thursday.  The guys did a great job and I made sure The Boss was aware that everything was finished and ready to go tomorrow morning.  We really do have a great group of people here - weird, but a great group!

I went back to the office today and waited for the truckers to arrive to pick up the orders.  In the meantime, I packed some more office crap and put them aside for loading into the trailer.  Although I was there by myself, it was nice to feel like I was getting something accomplished.  The trucks arrived by 1 PM and everything was loaded and on its way to the customers.  I generated the invoices and sent them out.   I spoke to The Boss at 3 PM, told him everything was gone and I was on my way home.  I think he was relieved that the orders had gone out and that our customers were being taken care of.

I arrived back home around 4 PM and was happy to see Cooper and Milo laying on the couch together.  I think these two dumb asses just act like they don't like each other when I am around.  When I came in, they both lifted their heads and looked towards the door - I almost think I saw a bit of disappointment when they realized I was back.  Suck it up you two - I'm here ALL DAY tomorrow!

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