Friday, April 3, 2020

Today Is Friday....Right??

I'm having trouble keeping my days straight during this time of quarantine.  I was able to escape the last two days to The Nuthouse (which was wonderful), but Friday's just don't seem to hold the same specialness (is that even a word?) as they used to.  Maybe it's because I am home all the time now and I have started to become a bit stir crazy here.  Maybe it's because although I am fortunate to still be working and collecting a paycheck, I really am not as productive as I was before all of this insanity started.  So even though a "normal" Friday a few weeks ago may have brought about mischief as our masked friend in the meme above is advertising, there will be no mischief here today! Another boring weekend in quarantine with my furry boyz!

Our Friday morning started with a Zoom conference call. Everyone was there (where else would they be) and the beards of those who have put their razor in quarantine are coming in quite nicely.  Do I work for a manufacturing company or a tree clearing service?  Rachel was coiffed, dressed up and ready to go.  Good for her, I was showered and in pajama pants and a tee shirt - that's as good as it gets for me these days.  The Boss did not don his hazmat suit and he actually seems a bit calmer than during past calls/conferences.  Maybe his wife has him taking some sort of medication so he isn't as hyper.  A "medicated" Boss might be the only way she can handle being confined with him for such an extended period of time.  Honestly, I sometimes worry for her sanity during this time.  I hope someone is periodically checking in on her....

The Boss lead the call by bringing everyone up to date on the work orders that went out yesterday and he thanked the warehouse staff and myself on more than one occasion for getting everything done.  He promised the warehouse staff that he would not forget how they stepped up and came in to do what needed to be done.  He updated us on the current status of the virus spread and again assured us we would be back to normal before we knew it.  It's like having our own private virus press conference during our calls with him.  Sometimes I think he gives these pep talks more for himself than us, but hey, if it makes him feel better, great!

We all talked, laughed and had a virtual lunch together.  Some of the lunch choices were hilarious; for example, Alex was eating lunch by candlelight.  We were all initially concerned he didn't have power, but he said he considered this lunch special and it deserved a special ambiance.  We also took the time to introduce everyone to our in house, furry footed co-workers.  It was comforting to hear that everyone had the same complaint - their co-workers are slackers and don't do anything at all during the day.  These group is nuts, but I like (and miss) them and their craziness.  I think they may be slowing bringing me aboard their crazy train.

Maybe I have been fighting it all along....Hello, my name is Nutty Wone and I might be a Nuttie too!  I, along with my slacker co-workers, Cooper and Milo wish you a wonderful and safe weekend!

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