Friday, May 29, 2020

I Am Happy To Report, Today Is Friday!

For those of you not keeping track - today is Friday!  It has been a long week, even though we only worked four days.  Doesn't it always seem to be that way, you have a Monday off and the subsequent week seems like it is at least eight days long.

For those wondering, I am healing up nicely from Squirrel-Gate and I even took Cooper for a walk last night.  It was a short one, but a walk none the less.  Yes, I made sure I wore "real" shoes this time - no more flip flops when we go on our jaunts. The lower part of my face and knees are turning a strange shade of yellow/green, so I think I should be back to normal soon enough.

Work has been busy, which has been great.  It's nice to see business improving after all that has gone on.  We all appreciate how lucky we are!  Speaking of luck, The Boss has been preoccupied with some things outside of the office, so he hasn't really been around that much. It's a good thing that he hasn't been around because those geese have been crazy and their numbers seem to increase every day.  I think the geese that normally live on Hobbes Street are been tired of social distancing and said, "screw it, let's have a party - every day!"  They just jump over and around the strings that The Boss and the warehouse guys strung up in the hopes to keep them in the pond.  Some geese are even so brazen, I have seen them pulling up the small stakes that were put in the ground to wrap the strings around (these must be the geese that cannot handle their garlic).  These geese are clearly bad asses!  Maybe The Boss should think twice before he continues to wage war against them.

If you remember, Drew, Rachel and myself are all in one large area of the office.  Don't worry, everyone is still getting along, but I don't think Rachel is as flirty with Drew as she once was.  I think the mystic around Drew has been lifted.  Maybe it is the fact that he spits tobacco constantly into a paper cup?  I think that would turn off most normal woman, but his wife must not mind it.  I wonder if he keeps those "spit cups" around his house too?  Just questions that float through my mind sometimes when I am bored.

It is a full work week next week, hopefully it will not seem as long and drawn out as this week did.  I have a feeling that The Boss will be around more next week (we wouldn't be lucky enough for two weeks without him around).  The lawn also needs to be mowed again, so that is definitely something to look forward to.  I bet he will be adding waders to his normal mowing attire to combat the goose guano.

Right now, I am watching the DropKick Murphys perform their live concert Streaming Outta Fenway Park in Boston.  Enjoy your weekend and we will meet back here on Monday!

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