Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I Hobbled To Work Today

After my long weekend from hell, I have to admit, I was happy to be going back to work.  Maybe a change in scenery would help bring me a bit of better luck.  Although I was no longer bleeding, when I looked at my injuries this morning, I have to admit, it was a bit shocking.  Most of the blood was gone, but replaced with bruising - and a lot of it!  My chin was now purple up to and including the right side of my lip, both my knees had bruising and all my toes as well as the entire top of my foot was now the strangest shade of greenish purple I had ever seen.  No folks, this color was not one to be found in the Crayola crayon set!

We do not have a dress code at The Nuthouse because 99.9% of our interactions with customers are via phone and email.  So, we have no one to impress here at the Hobbes Street location.  That being said, I always try and dress business casual.  Today, my definition of business casual included flip flops.  There was no way in hell a shoe was fitting over this wrapped, swollen, purple foot and toe, nor did the thought of trying to stick it in an enclosed shoe interest me in the least.  So, it was a button-down oxford, a nice pair of Bermuda khaki shorts and flip flops (business on the top, beach on the bottom).  If I do say so myself, I still looked better than how some people come into the office....I won't mention any names.

I drove to work and was not looking forward to having to explain why I looked so damn handsome today.  I arrived and what is the first thing I see.....geese and lots of them.  They are all over the grassy area near our door and leading up to the pond.  Not only are there large geese, but some are a bit smaller in size - it almost looks like their children are visiting too.  Oh, this is not going to go over well when The Boss arrives.  I guess these geese enjoy a good string art display and love noshing on garlic!  I'm glad to see all of his work to keep them away are working so well.

I made it into the office and one by one as my coworkers arrived the looks on their faces were hilarious.  Most, immediately asked what the hell happened to me and if I was alright.  After everyone settled in, I entertained them with my tale of woe and pulled my foot out from under my desk to show the real damage.  That's when the looks turned to horror.  I guess my cut and bruised chin was one thing, but once they saw my knees and foot which were initially hidden from view, they were shocked to say the least.

The Boss arrived by late morning and by that time everyone was used to seeing my battered and bruised exterior. When The Boss walked in he was already bitching about the geese and he said he could tell they were crapping everywhere.  Everyone looked surprised that he hadn't mentioned my "new look".  Truth be told, he actually didn't even mention or notice my injuries until I got up after lunch to use the photocopier.  Wow, he is one observant individual!

I am happy to report, I survived my first day back after the long weekend.  I entertained my co-workers with my squirrel-gate story and they not only laughed but were worried about me.  My toe, although bruised and battered is no longer throbbing or bleeding.  All in all, it was a good day!

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