Thursday, May 7, 2020

Tick, Tock - Time Is Running Out!

It's becoming real....tomorrow is my last day working from home!

I know, I cannot believe it myself!  I haven't had the heart to tell Cooper, it will break his little puppy dog heart and I'm not telling Milo because he will be so happy he might do a jig.  I, on the other hand, am feeling quite conflicted about the upcoming change.  My mind is spinning with a million questions.  Will I be able to handle having The Boss around for eight full hours.  Has Mike doubled down on the whole God thing?  I remember him saying, in passing, that this virus was "Gods plan".  I know my Boss callus isn't going to be as strong as before the quarantine, but I will not be able to handle any of the God talk from Mike and Wayne!  I may need to bring a bottle of something stronger than Coke and put it in my desk drawer for emergencies.

Am I going to be able to fit into any of my work clothes?  I started with the best intentions - I was working out when the quarantine began, but that quickly fell by the wayside.  Instead of exercising, I found new things to eat and discovered that I kinda like cooking.  Yes, for those of you wondering, I finished the coconut macaroons last night and they were glorious!  As I mentioned before, maybe Weight Watchers is in my future....

How are we all going to do in the new building?  Remember, Rachel, Drew and I will be in the same area; are we going to be able to function together in a small space?  Will we get along?  Will Rachael flirt with Drew (please, no)?  Will Drew continue to chew that awful tobacco and spit it in a cup on his desk?  Again, I really think I need to pack alcohol in my desk drawer.  I might hit the liquor store tonight.

Will business pick up or will we all be sitting around looking at each other waiting for the phones to ring?  I know at home I could take a nap when nothing was going on; I somehow think those actions might be frowned upon at the new building.  Maybe I should call in sick on Monday...

Well, I do know that whatever happens it will be an adventure!  I am also sure that The Boss will be doing something annoying and/or hilarious.  I hope I still am able to effectively roll my eyes.  I  was  a master at it, but I have been a bit out of practice with the quarantine and all.  Any bets on how long I can last without an eye roll on Monday?

Have a wonderful weekend and we will reconvene on Monday evening - I'm sure I will have a story or two to share with the group.

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