Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Is Today Tuesday? Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Welcome to Tuesday Nutties!  It is really no different than the other days that have passed us by during our quarantine - just a different name.  Today I saw a funny thing online, it said - today is Cinco de Mayo, which falls on Taco Tuesday, of which we are under quarantine by a virus named after a Mexican beer.  Woo hoo, time to celebrate, tacos for everyone!

We had a video call today and The Boss informed us that on Monday we can start to resume coming into the new office and working together.  Of course, we will have to keep socially distant, but we can begin to have some normalcy to our work life.  I for one, am ready to go back!  As I mentioned yesterday, Milo is still giving me the side eye and I sometimes don't feel 100% comfortable with him here....it is time for me to go back to work!

From what I observed on the call, everyone seems, like me, to be ready to go back.  The sales staff reported that calls from customers are starting to slowly increase and they even have a couple of big orders that will be coming in any day now.  This seems like perfect timing to get everyone back under one roof and bring production back to at least 75%.  On Friday, I met the warehouse crew at the new  offices so they could put the final touches on the warehouse and dock areas.  They worked hard on Friday organizing and they too are ready to go!  Let's do this!

The Boss said he had spoken to the owner of our old office in the industrial park and let them know that all of our stuff has been removed from our building.  We don't have to go back there, but we do have to bring in our parking passes, keys, etc. so they can be returned to the guard shack.  I won't miss going to that place or holding my bladder to avoid the scary bathroom.  I think I am going to like the new building (and love the bathroom), but I don't think my car is going to be a fan of that bumpy ass dirt entry road.

I'm not sure if The Boss is planning on coming back to the office in a full-time capacity (he didn't mention anything on the call).  I'm sure he is still up in the air and will be deciding day-to-day.  I do imagine if he hears one sneeze or cough, he will retreat back to his house quicker than you could say COVID-19!  I hope when he is in the office, he isn't so nuts acting that I will have to sniff some pepper in the restroom to bring about a sneezing fit....

Only a few more days home - I better enjoy it while I can.  Naps for everyone!

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