Thursday, May 21, 2020

Random Stories From the Nuthouse

Sometimes just sitting back to observe and listen while trapped in the Nuthouse provides more entertainment than one person should be allowed.  The past few days, I have come to realize that this shit just writes itself...enjoy!
  • The Boss has discovered, the hard way, that the metal roof on our building is hot during a sunny day.  For some reason he had to use a ladder to look on the roof (I cannot even venture a guess why), but the one time he does not don gloves to perform a simple task, he ends up burning his hands.  Sir, metal becomes hot when under sunlight all day (and also plastic will melt when subjected to a heat gun).  Could this be an introduction to thermal dynamics for him? 
  • We discovered that prior to this pandemic, The Boss had been having some work performed in his basement.  Last year there was a large spring rain storm and his basement obtained some water damage.  Luckily, the basement was not completely finished at the time, but some things were damaged and he wanted to make sure it didn't happen again    According to his description, he went "full man cave" and it turned out beautiful.  He said he had a sump pump installed (in case of another large rain storm), but we discovered that the water collected by the sump pump is not being automatically directed anywhere.  I know I was confused too!  The way I understand is, if/when it rains, he must go downstairs, hook a return hose to the pump and put the hose out the window.  This way any water sucked up by the pump will be deposited outside, thus protecting the man cave and its contents.  So, I guess he will have to keep a close eye on the weather and not leave home if a rain storm is predicted - otherwise his home may become an ark.
  • We have a programmable thermostat in the new building.  The Boss has tried on three separate occasions to set it up and has not been successful.  I am beginning to think he doesn't know how a thermostat actually works.  He is constantly "adjusting" it throughout the day.  Yesterday, I counted eight separate trips to raise and/or lower the temperature.  I see a new game on the horizon once summer is here....something to look forward to.
  • The Boss asked Drew to join him outside to take a look at the strings he and the warehouse guys had set up to deter the geese from coming on the grass (BTW - they are not working).  This review required them to walk in the grass, much of which had not been mowed.  About one hour after they came back in the office, Drew discovered a tick on his arm.  He did what any "normal" person would do - he removed it.  Then, he made the mistake of telling The Boss about it (sucker).  Well, The Boss had quite an extreme reaction to this information.  He started pacing around the office and after about 15 minutes, he said he had to go home and take a shower.  
Monday is a holiday, so we are looking at a three-day weekend!  I think tomorrow may be fairly quiet, so I am going to stay home and have a four-day weekend...yea me!  Enjoy your weekend Nutties!

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