Thursday, February 20, 2020

Boring Is Nice

Many people love, even thrive on drama.  I have to admit, prior to working in The Nuthouse, I too enjoyed when something interesting and different would happen during one of my temp jobs.  It made the day interesting, broke up the monotony and gave me something to tell my friends about.

In this new job, it seems chaos is the norm and let me be the first to tell you, constant chaos can be exhausting and annoying.  That being said, I am happy, proud and cannot believe I am about to say - nothing crazy happened today!  It was a boring, run of the mill day in an regular office!  It was refreshing and wonderful and it wouldn't break my heart if it happens more often.

Just a couple of updates:

1.  Moving boxes arrived via UPS today - I guess we need them after all
2.  Wayne returned to work today and during one of the twenty trips The Boss made to the warehouse, he asked Wayne what happened to the table (you remember, the one he partially crushed when he was riding the forklift).  Well, Wayne isn't always the smartest tool in the shed and when this question was posed to him he responded, "I thought you did it with the forklift yesterday."  The Boss did not appreciate that reply (although it was painfully true) and quickly denied he was responsible.  He also reported to anyone who would listen that he "runs that machine better than anyone in the warehouse ever could."   That is good to know!
3.  The crates arrived in Vegas!

A good (and uneventful) day was had by all!

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