Monday, February 3, 2020

Patient Zero Has Returned!

I'm happy to say that I am alive and feeling much better!  So much so, that I returned to The Nuthouse this morning and wasn't even dreading it (I know, maybe I am still running a fever).  To be honest, I was more than ready to escape from the four walls of my apartment; having been sick since Wednesday night, I am actually quite happy to be anywhere other than there!

When I arrived this morning everyone was very nice, asking how I was feeling, etc.  They may be crazy, but everyone here is genuinely kind.  I made my way to my desk and stuck my head into The Boss' office to say hello and tell him that I was back.   He turned his chair around toward the door and I could have swore I physically saw him back away.  He said he was glad to hear I was feeling better and questioned if I should have taken one more day, just to be safe.  I assured him that I was perfectly fine and thanked him again for being so kindhearted by giving me an extra day to recover.  As I turned to leave his office, I couldn't believe what I saw on his of those white surgical masks that everyone in China is currently wearing to hopefully quell the spread of the coronavirius.  My god!  It was a freakin' cold!  I'm better now!  I did not/do not have the coronvirius!  #hypochondriac

I am happy to report that some traction was made on getting materials together for the upcoming trade show.  Mike, Rachel and Drew must have come to the realization that they were going to be standing in a 10' x 20' space without any materials if they were going to waiting for The Boss to make decisions.  There is actually a staging area in the warehouse where items are being gathered for the  shipment to Vegas.  I think am beginning to see light at the end of this tunnel (and this time, I do not think it is a train) - this event might actually yield some positive results!  Did I mention I a positively tickled that they all will be leaving soon!

My day ended with The Boss telling us not to bring anything for lunch tomorrow.  We are going to on "field trip" to see one of the final contenders in the search for a new company home.  He wants us to see it and give our impressions.  Hey, as I have said before, if it has a clean bathroom my bladder and I am in!  I can be ready to move in three hours or less!

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