Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Preparations For the Trade Show Are Moving Along

Today, my goal was to put the final touches on the contents being sent to Las Vegas for our upcoming trade show.  With an event this large, they allow exhibitors to ship their materials to a facility for holding, then the crates transported to the venue and are waiting in your booth space for set up.  This way, we are assured that our materials arrive in time and don't encounter shipping problems or weather related issues (we just love winter in the Northeast).  The last thing we need is to ship the materials at a later date and have to send them directly to the venue.  It's more expensive and just allows for a bigger chance for things to go wrong.  Considering where I work, we don't need any help in things going wrong!

I took an inventory of what we have ready and we look in much better shape than I had expected.  The samples look good; Wayne was able to still operate pretty well with one hand (remember - the burning palm incident) and with help from Alex, was able to put out some quality work.    I think they will both be my "sample men" from now on.  I can comfortably cross "samples" off my list!

The booth itself is turning into a bit of a clusterf#ck.  We are still awaiting panels from the printing company.  No, it's not that the printing company is incompetent, The Boss couldn't make up his mind to exactly what he wanted to "convey" on the panels, so the order went in much later than I would have wanted.   They should be here tomorrow (fingers crossed).  Hopefully, they arrive and are perfect! If not, I am sorry to say, they will have to go in that crate anyway!

We have ordered electric, carpeting, tables, chairs and plants for the booth.  Whomever owns the companies that provide these services must be crazy rich - the rental costs for these items are just UNBELIEVABLE!  I know you will not be surprised to hear, but we missed the early bird rates due to waffling by our fearless leader (there is always next year).

Adam almost has the crate construction completed and we should be able to fit everything in.  My goal is shipment on 2/14 (Happy Valentines Day) - we'll see how that deadline works out.  I am beginning to think this may come together.  I don't want to say it out loud and jinx myself, but I can still think (and hope) it.

Everyone is looking forward to the trip.  Although it will be long days, the salespeople want to increase their customer base (more commissions) and being in Vegas after the day is done isn't the worst place to be.  I am just looking forward to some peace and quiet. Being able to catch up on some things that have fallen by the wayside is a just bonus for me.

I will let you know if we make my self-appointed shipment deadline - send some good thoughts my way!

PS - Another thing that will not surprise those who have been following my plight.  The Boss still hasn't confirmed a hotel room for the Vegas event.  It's looking more and more like he will be bunking with someone from the office.  Who will draw the short straw....tune in to see who our lucky winner will be!

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