Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Field Trip To Look At A New Building

As you know, my entire tenure in The Nuthouse has been in a warehouse rental space.  The Boss has recently been hyper-focused on our need to purchase a building because we have outgrown the space we are renting.  I guess the fact that we hired a new salesperson who doesn’t have a telephone, desk or computer doesn’t matter right now.  Lets find a building!

We loaded the office staff into the company vehicle and the warehouse crew took Adams' car and we all went to see a building today.  I know, we were scheduled to take this field trip yesterday, but The Boss had something come up and the trip was rescheduled for today.  If I could be perfectly honest, after my fiasco with the beeping smoke detector yesterday, my whole day seemed off, so it didn't break my heart that we didn't go.  

Now, let us discuss the building we saw today.  It is located in a different town and although looks to be a greater distance for me to drive, it will be easier to get to.  I count this as a win - I don't mind being in my car a bit longer if I am constantly moving.  Traveling to and from our current location entails many lights as well as stop and go traffic which can be very annoying at times.

The building itself is located waaayyyy back in the woods.  The road (if you can call it that) to get there is unpaved and has potholes that could easily swallow an 18-wheeler.  The trees and weeds are so overgrown along the "road" and there are no street lights or other people around.  This area would be a great place for someone to disappear and live off the grid, but I will keep an open mind.

There is a good-sized parking lot (much larger than we currently have) and more than enough room for staff and trucks to come and go.  There is a long concrete walk up to the front door and the outside of the building seems to be in good shape.  From the outside, this place looks promising, all that is needed is some landscaping help - lots of help!

As I enter the building, I see a small storage area with sink, a large middle room that has an extremely big display case /walk up counter taking up most of the room.  There are two offices directly off the middle room and a door that leads to large warehouse area.  Then I see it! The best sight I have ever envisioned!  I can only imagine it is the same feeling a person in the desert would get when they finally stumble upon a water source.  What did I see, you ask -  I am looking at both a men’s and women’s bathroom!    I open the men's room door and lo and behold it wonderful, clean and doesn't look like multiple murders occurred there (as our current facilities do).  I don’t need to see another thing – THIS PLACE ROCKS!  If I didn’t know better, I think my bladder was smiling right now.

He asks for our opinions and what we think would need to be accomplished for us to be comfortable here.  We each had a few comments, but nothing ridiculous or too difficult to do.  The only thing that may be an issue is for the time being there will be a few of us sharing the middle room and The Boss wants to keep the behemoth display counter that is there.  He really likes it!   I don't know how he believes there will be enough room for people, desks and this monstrosity!  He is really adamant about this this, but it is not worth arguing about right now.

As we are closing up and walking to the cars The Boss has a surprise announcement.  He has already decided to purchase the building and started the paperwork.  He has also informed us that we will be moving in on March 1st.

When I hear this information, my brain kicks into gear.  Isn't March 1st  right after everyone returns from a week long trade show in Vegas?  How is that going to work?  We REALLY have to get rid of that fricken display counter sooner rather than later - before he starts to focus on it and gets really "attached" to it.   Well, this is The Nuthouse!

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