Monday, February 10, 2020

Now Someone is Monitoring His Email

I understand I have been very vague on the type of organization I am working for.  I have mentioned it is a manufacturing company, but nothing more.  This is not only to protect my identity, but also to protect the “cast of characters” that I work with.  Maybe, these people don’t realize they are insane and far be it from me to be the one who points it out to them.  Just be assured, this organization is manufacturing a very innocuous product that is very needed and useful, but not at all dangerous or top secret nor would it be considered interesting by anyone other than the purchasing customers.

That being said, in the great wisdom of my leader, he has informed me that his email is being intercepted because the organization has made sales to companies overseas (England, Canada, Pakistan, South Korea, UAE).  He has told me that the government intercepts the email correspondences he has with customers in these countries (as well as companies within the US) and he is fully expecting officials to contact him to discuss the particulars in greater detail.  Yup, he actually believes they could come walking through that door at any time.  That is if the guard shack has been notified and if they are able to find our nondescript door with no visible signage…..yup, be prepared, they will be here soon!

He arrived at this conclusion because he always requests a “read receipt” on his transmitted emails and doesn’t always receive them back as “read”.  I told him that maybe his email is deleted prior to the document even being opened.  His response, “god no, that couldn’t happen” (I guess he is convinced everyone wants to read the dribble he composes).  I also offered that maybe the recipient chose not to send the read receipt.  I told him that this is my normal practice if the option is presented to me.  He then stated, “I don’t need an editorial” – which I have heard him say numerous times when he doesn’t like or agree with what someone is saying.  By the end of the day, I was the proud recipient of my very own memo that stated the following,  “you must always check the read receipt option of any and all emails that you send”

On another note (which is a bit of TMI) – someone here has quite a robust flatulence problem.  Can someone say probiotics?

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