Friday, February 28, 2020

And The Winner Is.....

The calls have been tallied and with a final number of 44 (yup, The Boss called NINE times today), our winner is (drum roll please)...Alex, with an original guess of 42 calls!  He just beat out Adam who had guessed 40 calls.  This was a fun game (unless you were the one who had to speak to The Boss each time he called) and I'm sure it will become a tradition whenever he leaves the office for an extended trip.  Don't worry Nutties, I'll do better next time.  I really thought he wouldn't call as often as he did.

The show is over and  everyone seems happy with the results and the number of leads received.  Now, the troops are waiting for the crates to be returned for final pack up.  It is my understanding that there is no way to determine when the crates will be returned.  I've heard that people even give the forklift drivers a "tip" to help bring their crates in a more timely manner. So, it's just a waiting game now.  Before I left the office today they had been waiting over two hours already (and you know how certain people get when they don't have distractions).  I don't envy the salespeople at all! They said they were going to get some lunch and hopefully everything would be waiting for them when they returned.

So, the party here is drawing to a close.  Everyone will be back on Monday morning.  I now have the weekend to prepare myself for the lunacy that is guaranteed with his return.  I think I may have had a record low occurrences of eye rolls this past week.  Oh, good times, good times!

On the docket for next week....moving to the Hobbes Street building.  Oh, I'm sure that process won't be painful at all....

Until next time - enjoy your weekend.  I know I will!

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