Monday, February 24, 2020

Ding, Dong, They Are Gone!!!

Welcome to the best Monday EVER!.  Why, you may ask....well, EVERYONE is in Las Vegas preparing for the trade show that will start tomorrow! Those of us remaining here - me, Adam, Alex and Wayne are so ready for this week and we even decided to have lunch delivered today.  Party Time!

As the day progressed, we quickly discovered it wasn't going to be all wine and roses; unfortunately, the phones still work from Vegas!  Rather than The Boss making two dozen trips to the warehouse a day, he now telephones, what seems like every hour, to check on "how things are going."  Although, we are thoroughly enjoying not having him around I can assure you work is still being accomplished.  If you ask me, I think the warehouse is more productive without his constant "visits." Orders are being completed at a breakneck pace and I am finally catching up on projects that had been in a holding pattern for the last couple of weeks.

I spoke with Rachel around lunchtime and she is already done with dealing with The Boss.  He is 'helping" everyone get the booth prepared (setting up the exhibit, filling tables, etc.).  She assures me, he is of no help and is actually quite a hindrance.  She also shared that someone within our booth space has a very bad flatulence problem and she is very sure it is our fearless leader.  She says that if the gas levels continue to this degree tomorrow, the noises and fragrances could scare visitors away.  I guess next year gas masks should be added to the list of items included in the crate.  

I am told the flights were fine and everyone arrived unscathed.  Check in to the hotel was a bit long and tedious, but all in all was okay.  Everyone agreed leaving on Saturday for a Tuesday show was a little early, but they are enjoying the free time they have in Vegas before the show starts.   I guess The Boss did make a hotel reservation after all, so everyone is breathing a sigh of relief that they are not stuck "bunking" with him.  I guess he is at some small property off the strip.

I decided after the seventh call of the morning (keep in mind, they are three hours behind us) that I would start tracking how many times The Boss phones.  Those of us left behind to hold down the fort each donated $10 and whomever gets closest to the number of calls (by The Boss only) while they are away will win.

For those keeping track, The Boss call count for today was fifteen.  I'm hoping the number will be less tomorrow because it will be the first day of the show. 

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