Friday, February 14, 2020

I Would Have Lost That Bet!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!  Today is the day to purchase overpriced flowers, meals and having to say nice things about the person who puts up with all of your crap.  Well, that right there is a  Hallmark card if I have ever read one!

As you can probably tell from my jaded view of February 14th, I am single.  Being single is a wonderful thing most of the time, but on days like today it sometimes makes you feel like a bit of a failure.  Don't worry, by this time tomorrow all those sweet sentiments on Face Book will be back to "normal life" and everyone will be annoyed by their partners once again. The world will continue to spin.

Now, lets talk about the best gift I received today!  THE TRADE SHOW MATERIALS  ACTUALLY SHIPPED!  Do I need to write it again?  I know, I cannot believe it myself!  I saw it loaded on the truck and watched it drive away.  I can't remember the last time I was so pleased.  The Boss did his best to derail the train, but we all worked together, ignored his lunacy and were able to get the materials out the door.   We work pretty well together when we are working against a common enemy!  The truck drove away this afternoon and The Boss immediately had "a few more things that should have been added to the crate".  It didn't matter what he dribbled on about, nothing was going to bring me down from the high I felt of accomplishing the shipping task.  As hard as he tried to be a pain in my ass, after about the fifth time of mentioning items that should have went, I told him to pack them in his suitcase and bring them with him.  I don't think he appreciated my "suggestion", because soon after, he decided he had a meeting to attend and left for the day.

He was going to have to try a lot harder than that to ruin my day!  The crate is gone, the crate is gone - now we just need to get these "nuts" on a plane to Vegas.  Actually, just him; everyone else is nice, funny and not annoying.  I imagine the feeling once he is gone will be as close to a feeling of winning the lottery as I will ever encounter (damn, my life is sad).

Have a great weekend and enjoy your sweethearts while you can - tomorrow they will be annoying as f&#k again!  See you next week!

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