Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Boo, Hoo, Hoo - They Are Bacckk!

As they say, all good things must come to an end.  This statement was never so true as yesterday when everyone returned the office from their trip to Vegas.  We had the full house of Nutties in attendance and by the lunchtime, it was as if they were never gone.  Memories.....

As they had mentioned on the phone, the show went well and everyone was pleased with the visitors the exhibit space brought in.  We have a crap load of  leads looking for additional information on our products and services and many of those leads have jobs in the near future.  So, I guess I know where much of my time will be spent.  Just call me mail bitch!

The Boss wasted no time in picking up right where he left off before he left for Vegas - multiple trips to the warehouse, many times per day.  He has collected all of the orders to 'help put them in a manageable order of priority.'  I really think it annoys him that so much product went out the door without him around to "direct" it.  He now will grasp tightly on what is currently in progress to show how integral he is to the completion of work orders. Most managers would be happy and proud that their team can work so well independent of supervision - not this nut!  God, how do/did they survive without his guidance?

The Boss also was quick to tell some stories of the trip - many of which, of course, put him in a favorable light.  Here is just a quick rundown... He spoke and convinced the head of a Fortune 500 company that they should purchase from us (Drew says that was not true and didn't happen), he spoke to the most people in one day (Rachel rolled her eyes) and  he also won playing black jack every night, but one (Drew shook his head emphatically no to that story too).  Well, everyone is back and now we just have to wait for the crate to come back - it should  be here by the end of the week.

Just a couple of points to end the past two days.  Every since I was sick (and The Boss thought I had coronavirus), I have been coughing - it just won't go away.  I finally got tired of it and went to the doctor.  Guess who has bronchitis....this guy!  Only three prescriptions needed to help get myself back on track.   Don't worry, The Boss already inquired about the coughing - I have told him it is allergies.

Mike spoke to me today (remember, I am "dead" to him because he thinks I worship the devil), I have to say, it surprised me and took me a couple of seconds to respond to him.  Maybe he forgot I am Lucifer, Jr.  We will have to see if this was a mistake or if he is coming over to the DARK SIDE!

Until next time ...

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