Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Day Three - Illustrated In Memes!

Yup, it's still weird getting up, taking a shower and not having anyplace to actually go to.

I tried to make a few phone calls, but there is no one out there...maybe we are extinct and I am the lone survivor!

I'm only turning it on for background noise. Okay, I'll be honest, I actually watched for over two hours.  Stop judging me, damn it!

I told you Milo hates me and my mere presence here.  If I am to be perfectly honest, I don't trust this feline at all! When he finally does crack, just remember, I warned you he was evil!

I have been working out (two days in a row), so I deserve a treat (are you judging me again?)  Yeah, I guess those treats cannot be made by me.  A bonus, the smoke detector is working just wonderfully after that battery change a while ago. Yes, Cooper "sang" along with it too!

At least Cooper loves me and is still happy I am here.   Although he is getting a bit greedy and expects both a lunch and late afternoon walk.

I do have a desire to work, there is just no one else around....anywhere.  Maybe I'll call The Boss and bother him.  I think I may be looking forward to our next conference call.....what is wrong with me? 

See you tomorrow for day four of my saga!

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