Friday, March 6, 2020

The Countdown To Paint Town Is On!

We are a mere 24 hours away from paint-a-palooza!  How do I know this you ask - well The Boss is making it quite apparent that he will be doing "manly" painting work this very weekend.

The day started with The Boss arriving a bit later than usual and when he came through the door, I knew immediately, it was going to be one of those days.  There were so many items in his hands and arms that he could barely see over them to walk.  What was he carrying into our offices this fine morning?  You guessed it, painting supplies!  Yup, he was wasting his time bringing a crap-load of supplies into a building he wasn't going to be paining.  You are correct, a normal person would have brought these supplies to the location where the work was going to be performed (Hobbes Street), but you know us well enough to know he is not NORMAL.

He then proceeds to literally drop the supplies into the middle of the floor, which is the main walkway of the office.  I have learned to ignore outbursts such as these (this place is training me well for if I ever have a child).  As he goes back out the door, I take a quick look at the contents of this pile and begin to laugh out loud.

The pile consists of the following:

A Large Number of Drop Cloths (plastic and fabric)
One Paint Brush - Extra, Extra Large (it is the largest paintbrush I have ever seen.  Will it even fit in a paint can?)
One Roller -Very Thick & Furry (it doesn't really look like the right type of roller for the application)
One Industrial Type Gas Mask with Large Bright Red Side Filters
One Yellow Plastic Industrial Chemical Looking (Hazmat?) Suit
One Gallon of Paint (unsure if this is the paint he already purchased or one new gallon)

I swear, the gas mask and Hazmat suit looked like props taken from the TV show Breaking Bad.  I thought maybe in addition to painting this weekend, he was going to also cook up some blue meth (now that would be a way to increase sales numbers for the month)!

He returned to the office and dropped more drop cloths and a paint extension stick.  He then said nothing and walked away, leaving the pile of crap to sit there .......ALL FRICKEN DAY!  Everyone had to walk around this display to get to the warehouse, the copier, to even leave the building.  WTF!

As the day went on, he made small references to the pile and all the work he was going to be doing over the weekend.  Maybe he was looking for volunteers to help - who knows!   I am proud to say, not one individual in the office said a single word.  These people are making me smile.  They are learning, you do not engage with a belligerent, whining child - you just ignore him!

Everyone (except The Boss), walked around the large pile and out the door at 5 PM!  Happy weekend Nutties!

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