Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Day Two...Still Weird

Day two of working from home and I don't think I like it very much.  It is really weird to be here and I'm not feeling very successful at getting much accomplished.  Maybe it's just something I have to get used to and give myself a bit more time to adjust.  The Boss and I spoke on five different occasions today - I think it's weird for him too being away from the office.  I'm sure he is driving his family as crazy as he usually drives us!  I feel badly for them, as if the pandemic wasn't enough to deal with!

On one of our numerous conversations he told me that he visited the Hobbes Street location to make sure everything was okay.  Guess what he discovered - that's right, he now knows the display case/shelving behemoth was removed from the front office.  He said he found it in the warehouse and wanted an explanation of how it got there. I told him the guys moved it out because after bringing numerous loads into the building, we quickly realized that we just didn't have the room to keep it in it's current location.  I reminded him this was especially true since the space it was occupying would be a shared staff space for a while.

He didn't say much at first, but then he actually AGREED with me!  He said he also agreed that the warehouse staff may be able to make better use of it.  Wow, this extreme social distancing he has been practicing has been working wonders for him.  He doesn't seem to be as argumentative and actually listens to the opinions of others.  See,  something positive has come out of this pandemic!

On a more personal note, I walked Cooper again today during lunch.  We had snow yesterday, so he really must have thought he won the lottery - snow on the ground and a walk in the afternoon....score!  Milo on the other hand continues to give me the evil eye and I think he may possibly be plotting my murder.  He clearly isn't a fan of having an extra body around - to be perfectly honest, he barley is able to stomach Cooper on a daily basis.  If for some reason my postings stop, please make sure someone checks on me and rest assured, Milo probably did it!  Please find me fast because I bet that petty bastard will eat me too just to show his disgust.

To continue a small peek into my world, I worked out last night at home and then rewarded all of my hard work with a bowl of ice cream - shut up, it's called balance people!  That's how I show a quarantine who's boss!

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