Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Boss Visited The Nuthouse After Hours

When I arrived this morning there was a memo attached to my computer that read as follows:

To:  Nutty Wone

From:  The Boss

Re:  Happenings In The Office

Call me as soon as you see this memo.  Thank you!

Now, was it necessary to compose an entire memo on the computer, print it out and tape it to my monitor?  Wouldn't a normal person just put a Post It on the monitor saying call me first thing in the AM?  No question, this man is a bit crazy!  I knew what "happenings" he was referring to - the large, padlocked trailer backed up to our dock and missing items in the office.  I guess some people would refer to them as happenings.  Oh, what a way to start the day!

I took a deep breath, bit the bullet and phoned him at home.  He answered on the second ring and acted like he didn't know why I was calling.  He started making small talk and I finally said, "I'm sorry to phone so early, but I received your memo to call you first thing this morning."

He acted like he had forgotten about the memo and finally said he wondered why the trailer was there, what is it for, where did it come from (for most, the company name on the side would be a dead giveaway) who ordered it, etc.  I gave him the low-down on what had been going on and added that we were hoping to surprise him with how much we accomplished before he returned to the office (see what I was doing there?  Everyone loves a surprise - right?)

He was silent for a few moments and inquired how much the trailer was costing to rent.  I told him Rachel had gotten it for free.  He was silent for a couple of additional seconds, he stuttered a bit and then actually thanked us for thinking outside of the box and taking it upon ourselves to help facilitate the move (see, I told you everyone loves something packaged as a surprise).

After giving him an update on orders both in house and fulfilled, he said he was going to continue to monitor the status of the virus from home.   He then felt the need to update me on number of people who have it in the state and what the government is doing, etc. (gotta prove he is actually monitoring from home, I guess).

We ended the call and he thanked me (and told me to thank the staff) again and said to keep up the good work!  He also suggested I have lunch brought in for everyone to keep their spirits up.  Wow, I didn't see that coming.  Now, let's get as much stuff transferred to the trailer before he is in the office to "help" us!

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