Saturday, March 28, 2020

What Is Happening In My "Personal Nuthouse"

I think Cooper was able to hold Milo off beyond day four of the quarantine, but this meme is a fair representation of what is going on in my personal Nuthouse.  Milo is a thug - I always knew he had a bit of an edge to him, but this forced "family time" has not brought out his best side.

Keep in mind, Cooper loves Milo and just wants to be his friend.  Actually Cooper is a dog...he wants to be everyone's friend and Milo is having none of it.   I think he is sick and tired of having me home and is showing is displeasure by torturing Cooper.  I'm sure Cooper will win him over - at this rate, he has no choice.  I think I'm going to be here at least through next week, so Mr. Thug Life will have to suck it up.  I better be careful, if they become friends, I am outnumbered!

On more important note - I attempted cookies again today (peanut butter) and they turned out awesome!  No, I didn't work out today (stop judging), but there is always tomorrow - god knows I'll be here!

Enjoy your weekend Nutties and stay safe.  Look for my next report from the personal and the "real" Nuthouse on Monday!

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