Thursday, March 12, 2020

Today Was Like Christmas for Drew!

Drew came into the office today and was greeted with an item I bet he thought he would never actual computer!  If you remember, Drew was hired and was never provided the materials most salespeople would find helpful to perform their daily tasks - phone, computer, desk.  During his tenure at The Nuthouse, Drew has been sharing a phone, desk and computer with Rachel.  I know, I know, we are proud of our efficiency here here!

This morning,set up on the opposite side of Rachel's desk was a real desktop computer - it looked like it was from the late '90s, but it was a computer none the less.  Drew will now be able to send an email at the same time that Rachel does - wow, technology is a wonderful thing!  I think Drew was liking not having his own office equipment.  If the truth be told, Drew seems to have "ants in his pants" at times and might have a bit of trouble focusing.  This lack of equipment has worked to his advantage bu not being tethered to a desk.

Now, don't get ahead of yourself.  Drew still does not have a telephone, but fortunately he has been using his own cell phone.  It would be foolish to have another phone line added to this building with our move coming up in a few short weeks (I know, I cannot believe The Boss didn't have a phone installed too).

In a perfect world, it is my hope that everyone has a phone, computer, desk and chair once we arrive at the Hobbes Street location - hey, a guy can dream...

On another note - I know everyone has been watching the coronavirus coverage that is wall to wall on every television station.  Rest assured, The Boss has been watching too!  Today as we were leaving for the day he said that tomorrow we would be having an important staff meeting on the coronavirus.  I foresee a bunch of good information and no panic at all coming out of that meeting (yes, I am being sarcastic)!  Good times, good times!

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